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    [align=left]I just received a dozen Bismark Palms in 15 gal. pots. Am in search for info on soil and fertilizer needs for this species of palm....[/align]

    [align=left]Anyone have, or knoes where I can search, please let me know....[/align]

    [align=left]Thanks, [/align]


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    Hi Jack,

    Every site I have with info on these palms doesn't mention fertilizing.

    I did a google with the term:
    fertilize Bismarck palm and got over 28,000 hits.* There's lots of info to choose from.* :)*


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    When transplanting I found this fert tip on Bizzies.

    Step 7
    Fertilize the Bismarck palm with a quality palm fertilizer six weeks after planting. Continue with a fertilization schedule of three times per year. Apply in early spring, summer and fall.

    Read more: How to Plant a Silver Bismark Palm Tree | Garden Guides How to Plant a Silver Bismark Palm Tree | Garden Guides

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