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    [align=left]I have a pretty much full grown Gunnera. G. Manicata to be precise. I love it, so much so it moved house with me in 2003 and lived in an*two feet*diameter plastic pot for the first Summer. By '04 the plant resembled something more akin to a Triffid and trying very hard to get out of its pot which was by now*oval shaped.[/align]

    [align=left]So, I built a 4 feet square, 3 feet deep enclosure, made out of railway sleepers (wooden track beams) to grow my little baby above ground. It's like a big plant pot really. I filled it with lots of lovely things, including half a bucket of chicken pellet fertilizer. It*likes its food so much it's now trying to get out of its new pot by pushing the wooden beams apart (should have screwed the things together, too late now).[/align]

    [align=left]So, here's my problem. It looks like I'm going to have to chop out at least one of the crowns. Anyone tried to do this before?[/align]

    [align=left]Ideally I'd like to grow on the chopped out crown but the only person I know of who's tried this said her plant died.[/align]

    [align=left]Any ideas on Gunnera love would be appreciated.[/align]



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    You don't say how and when your friend divided hers, but from what I'm reading it's best to divide them when they are small and to do it between March and May.* You might want to try and cut off the smaller sections to grow.* You can grow them from seeds if yours has bloomed.


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    I have Gunnera in my backyard which is* 7 years old.** This summer, the Gunnera was so large, I could hear sections of it breaking off.* The reason why it would break* off was due to the weight in balance of the* seed pods.* The seed pods caused an heavy moment in the branches of the Gunnera, the branch would shear off.

    I placed the broken branch into my pond to grow roots.* I used the same process as putting a potato in water glass.* After about a month of so, I moved it across the street into another pond where they are now growing.

    I asked a nursery if they wanted the sheared section when it first happen, they declined due to the difficulty in generating a new plant.

    My original Gunnera is just fine.

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