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    I was able to bring a peony from southern Illinois from my Mom in laws house. How deep do I plant it ? Also , the plants are in pots and there is new growth on one of the plants. Is it okay to transplant now ? Newt, I tried the link from the last time I asked but it didn't work. I can't wait to see the flowers they are supposed to be pink. ( my mom in law died and the neighbor told me I should take one of her peonies) Any advice is most appreciated. Coralbelle..

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    Coralbelle, so sorry to hear of your loss!* If the peony is potted you can plant it now.* They tend to live a very long time, so add lots of compost to the planting bed and mix it in.* Do make sure the top of the 'eyes' aren't planted deeper then 2".* I know that sounds shallow, but they will rot if planted too deep.*

    I don't remember which link you are referring to.* Maybe it was this one about planting?

    Btw, I'm a bit concerned that the peony was just dug up now.* It's best to do this in the fall.* I realize you had no choice, but do watch it carefully and don't overwater it.* It could take up to 5 years before you see flowers, so don't get discouraged.*


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