[align=left]Fior the second year in a row, I bought two lamium and an azalea hardy enough to survive our winters.* I planted the azalea under a tall hickory tree in a well drained spot in our shaded woodland backyard, and the lamium in* another spot. Both areas recieve very limited, spotty sunlight, both are in good soil (clay but well-amended with peat moss and ground up leaves). All three died within six weeks. [/align]

[align=left]I'm puzzled.* At the same time, I bought and planted two boxwood shrubs, which are doing just fine.* There're also begonias in both spots and they too are doing fine. Can anyone clue me in on why my azaleas and lamium die off? I've been watering and fertilising with Miracle-Gro on both; neither has gotten dried out.[/align]