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Thread: hens and chicks

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    hens and chicks

    i'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes......i've only ever seen hens and chicks in pots, and want to plant some in my garden. just curious as to how well they might do in the ground.
    thanks. :D

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    Hens and Chicks

    They do great because they winter over here in Iowa in Zone 5. I don't know how they would do where you are. Our lowest temp in the winter is about 15 below.

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    Hi, Most hen and chicks do well even in the coldest climates. I'm in zone 3/4 and I leave my hen and chicks in pots outside all winter and they do fine. I have been checking into other varieties (there's some beautiful colored ones) and found that some are not as hardy as the ones I have though so if I were you I'd keep one hen just in case yours aren't the hardy ones. I haven't planted them in the ground as they spread like crazy but I'm going to make a couple of miniature gardens next year and will use them in those. If I ever get my rock garden built :roll: they'll go there too.

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    I was given some hen and chicks and I use them as fill for bare spots. They are tough in this region 6-7, and I have been warned they grow like weeds. They take no care, I put down new soil in my beds and just rip up the hens and chicks and place them on top and they go to town again, making babies all over the place.

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    Here on the "wet coast" of Vancouver Island they grow fabulously on the ground. I don't worry if they spread as they are so easy to pull out. They grow in any kind of spot and are wonderful fillers. You can make some beautiful designs using the various colours as well. I love my "Hens and Chicks" wherever they grow. They are enormous this year with all the rain. I was worried about that but it hasn't bothered them any. I guess they are a truly adaptable plant.

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