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Thread: Opuntia Cleanup

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    I'm not sure if this is breaking the terms and conditions of the forum in regards to solicitation, so please pardon me if this is infact an infraction.

    [align=left]I'm getting ready to move to Greensboro (NC), and have been forced to "liquidate" my cactus garden as a consquence of the move.* I have dozens upon dozens of Opuntia that need relocation.* I was curious to know if anyone would be interested in the different plants.* I'm not looking to make a business of selling these guys, however a few bucks would be nice in return.* I don't know if this discussion board is open internationally, but I would only be able to ship these plants nationwide.* Feel free to contact me at: if you would like to see pictures or would be interested.[/align]

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    [align=left]Hi, what kinds do you have?[/align]

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    STILL have 'em?

    I just got hooked up with this site and am VERY much into Cactus.

    Gary in the Oregon High Desert

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