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    Just wondering if anyone has ever been stung in the knee by a yellowjacket? I am thinking that is my problem, but seeking other peoples experience. I definitely got stung in the face 3 times...I am not having an allergic reaction, just irratation, but all of a sudden, my knee is swollen and it is extremely sore to walk on or bend. I made a gazillion trips up and down the hill with the wheelbarrow, but never had any issues before with a sore knee, EVER. I wonder if the little buggers got me in the knee too and caused this pain. There is definitely a bite of some sort on the knee...any experience there anyone?

    That cuts short my clearing of that part of the yard for now, does anyone know when they stop nesting?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Dina :)

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    How's the knee?* I hope the swelling is gone by now and you are ok.


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