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    What do you recommend for a beautiful container plant that's easy to grow and will last for a long time? Unique plants or flowers the better.
    Any ideas will be qppreciated.

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    Sarracenia (American Pitcher Plants) are good container plants. They are carnivorous plants and do not need fertilzer, they catch own. They have beautiful pitchers and have unusual umbrella flowers.

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    I have a dual love of perennials and container gardens. I have several containers throughout my garden to add more interest and mix annuals in with some perennials as they are easier to do in containers.

    I have two containers that I have planted coreopsis in. They have come back two years in a row now much fuller each time. The containers are this blue color that really look great against the yellow of the flowers. I've left these containers out during the winter.

    I do have a red jasmine that is the most beautiful flowering perennial I've yet to see. I have it in a large pot that I do have to bring in once it turns cold. The pot is so large that it takes my husband and I to move it, but I believe this is my "pet" plant from my garden.

    I have a sago palm in this royal blue container planted with some lush red geraniums as wells as trailing ivy. I just added a white vinca to give it some contrasting color. I have this container in the front yard at a base of a tree that has very dry soil and the only thing growing there is a yucca plant!

    I am always on the lookout for pottery on sale or clearance. Don't be afraid to get something with color. I do try and fill the containers with something that will have a pleasing contrast against the color of the container.

    I LOVE putting spike plants in my containers to give them some height. I often use ivy or vinca vine to trail over the container. I am experimenting with a trailing geranium this year to see how it does.

    I have found that several perennials like containers so don't feel you have to be closed in to just putting annuals in them.

    To me, container gardens are a form of art!

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