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    I saw hummingbirds last year about every day in my garden in Ohio. I tried my best to get a good photo but was not successful. They were too fast for me! I'm going to try again this year.

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    I live in Baja California Norte about an hour south of San Diego in a small village. Between my garden, and my next door neighbors hummingbird feeders we have dozens of hummingbirds almost all the time. They do thin out a bit in the winter, but are with us pretty much year round. They are extremely territorial, and I have one that has staked out my one and only feeder. His name is Mr. Meany, or just His Meaness for short. Even when he's not feeding he won't let another hummingbird get close. If one tries then there's a squabble, and a chase scene. I've practically stopped watching TV in the day, and spend allot of time on the deck just watching the dog fights. It's very easy to become attached to these guys, and I want to make my garden even more hummingbird friendly. My daughter came to visit me recently and took some photos of the hummingbirds feeding and fighting. Here's a few feeding shots.
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