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    I have a bed that faces west, gets hot afernoon sun. Everything I have planted there failed miserably except 1 little transplanted rose bush. I really dont know if the soil was all wrong, it was my first bed I dug and didnt really research soil. I think I put just peatmoss and the clayish soil that was there. Anyway, I am trasplanting everything there somewhere else and I am going to ammend the soil. I have several rose bushes popping up all over the place, dont know what kind, but I would just like to plant them all in this spot and make it just a rose garden. Oh, I also have some honeysuckle bushes there that I transplanted a couple months ago and they are doing fine.

    Can someone tell me if the roses would like this spot and how I should ammend the soil before I start the planting?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

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    Sounds like the peat moss is what could be the problem.* Once it dries out it's difficult to rewet.* I'd put down a 4" layer of compost, mix it in and plant any sunlover you like.* You could make it all roses, but the heirloom and shrub roses will do best if you can't water regularly.* If the roses that are popping up are the wild ones, I wouldn't plant those, but I would destroy them.* They are terribly invasive.


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