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Thread: Eggshells

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    Have been researching eggshells, and they all suggest to wash them off, but I only read on one site as to prevent bad odor if saving in a container?

    What if I went to the local eatery to ask for their eggshells, would I have to rinse each and every one off? And do I NEED to let them airdry or can I add them to the garden while wet?

    Thanks for any imput. suggested DE for slugs back when I thought it was them eating my leaves. Will eggshells work as well if I come across a slug issue in the future?

    What do y'all out there use your eggshells for???


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    Gosh, I don't rinse my eggshells.* I just throw them in a container I keep in the kitchen.* When it fills up I dump it in the compost pile.* If the compost heats up it should kill any bad bacteria.* I don't see why you couldn't get the eggshells from the local eatery.

    I've heard of lots of folks who use eggshells for the slugs.* I've never tried it as I used beer.* I didn't like the look of the white shells in the garden.* If you use brown eggs that might look nice.* :)* I haven't had a slug problem since the toads moved in.


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