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Thread: fuschia failure

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    I got a potted fuschia from a reliable source and hung it on the back porch.* After a couple of weeks it stopped producing floweres, and the leaves are looking faded and yellowish.* I'm in Philadelphia, where it's been hotter than average recently.* Any thoughts, advice, sage observations?* Thanks!

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    Hi Meann,

    Generally when potted plants stop blooming they are either resting or rootbound.* When their leaves turn yellow it too can mean the plant is rootbound.* Check to see if you see roots through the drainage holes or gently remove the plant from the pot.* It may need a new pot 2" larger.


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    [align=left]and have a stern word with it, at the same time!* warn it....survival of the fittest, and all that, y'know![/align]
    [align=left]fuchsias can be hideously temperamental.* what is the name of this one?[/align]

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