Newt, 7-16-07, "QUOTE"

"I just came back from Rhode Island with my daughter and we took a detour around 'the city' so we wouldn't get tied up in traffic.* We took the Garden State Pky and made a wider loop and went across the Verrazano Bridge.* It was a lovely ride.* I wish I could go with you.* That iced coffee sounds interesting.* I love my coffee.* I'm really spoiled though.* My son sends me the real deal Colombian coffee from Colombia.* It smells like heaven when I open the package.* :D* He's coming home in 2 weeks and it will be the first time in 7 years he's been here for his birthday.* How cool is that?"

I worked in RI years ago, in Warwick. It is a pretty little state. I would always go and sit at the park near the ocean called "Gillespie Point". It was the inspiration of many poems.

So, your son will be here next week, you must be so excited! How long will he be staying? WIll you be cooking for his birthday or*will y'all go out to a special place? How did he end up in Columbia?