I'm looking to plant some type of shrub ,bush or small tree on my property line, but it's in the shade ( all day). I would like something that grows aleast 6 foot tall, and if possible something that keeps it's leaves all year round.
I'm trying to block a view of something, but it is on a property line so I'm looking for something that won't grow to wide. I'm pretty much looking to plant a row of something that will be low maintance and grow nice and thick. I was thinking hedges but I'm afraird that the shade will have them grow in to thin and I'll be able to see through them. I was told by pro's that there really isn't much that will grow in nice and thick being that the area is so shadey. But after looking into it and driving around the neighborhood to see what everyone else is growing in the shade. I'm thinking I can propable grow holly bushs there and I would get the hight and the leaves all year round. But now the question is what type of holly, there are so many of them?