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Thread: What is this!?

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    This was a gift from my biology instructor about 5 years ago and it has been through a bla bla. He gave it to me (and about 7 others) in a damp paper towel and once placed in water only, it developed roots right away (2 weeks).
    If you can't see very has like red hair/thorn lookin things on the steams and under-sides of* the leaves. I want to know the details on my favorite...:)

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    Hi Bean,

    Your plant is a begonia.* I'm not sure which one, but I suspect it's a rhizomatous begonia.* You can read the descriptions of the different types here.

    I found your picture to be very small so I put it on my desktop and enlarged it.* For a better id you might want to ask at this board for the American Begonia Society.* Try and enlarge the picture if you can.* Post it in the 'General Growing Discussions.

    I'd love to know what you find out.

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    I can't see the photo
    could you share it here ? add directly to your message?

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