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    [align=left]Hi, I'm a novice at gardening but I do my little bit to make my yard look decent.* I have some Hostas that are getting to large and I'd like to divide them but I'm wondering is there a certain way to do this without damaging the plant; I'd definitely like it to come back ok next year.* Thanks much![/align]

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    Hi Skeetmoses,

    You don't say where you live so I don't how hot it is, but most folks divide their hostas in early spring when the leaves are about 1" or so out of the ground.* This site has some good info under 'Division'.* One thing it doesn't mention is that it's best to have at least 3 offsets in the group you replant.* It's best if you can keep them together in one piece.

    Here's some great pictures.


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