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    We have quality seeds of a variety of species of the cycad and encephalartos plants available for sale.we sell and ship our seeds worldwide and our prices are good.see our list of seeds available below and make your order


    *E. lehmanii, E. princeps, E. trispinosis, E. natalensis ,E. ferox, E. alstenii, E. horridus, E. arenarius, E. aemulans, E. lebomboensis, E. senticosus, E. villosus, E.Manikens, E.Gratus E.Trispinosus


    C.candida , ,C.megacarpa ,C.ophiolatica, C.platyphylla, DIOON CALIFANOI, DIOON EDULE, DIOON MEROLAE, C.petraea, C.rumphii.

    * We also have young plants available of all species for sale.

    * price list and more details on request

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    I'll order 100 seeds of Encephalartos horridus. Let me know how much their price and mail cost to Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Best Regards

    A. Harizt Intan

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