Newt - a while ago on one of my posts you told me about Surprise Lily's. Today I found this one in my ditch. It must have been hiding because DH JUST weedwacked the whole ditch! I drove down the driveway this AM and here is what greeted me. GORGEOUS. No leaves, just a stem poking up out of the ground.* Is this one of those surprise lily's you told me about? Or is it just an ordinary spider lily? Do you know if they transplant well? And there has to be more, though I see no evidence, do they just pop up that fast out of nowhere?
Also I noticed since I took this picture this AM, the "leg" parts were straight up and happy this morning, but now are all hanging down. The petal part still looks perky. Do you know off the top of your head what kind of light it likes? I can just google it. (You taught me that!)