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    Hi - I'm new to this site so please be gentle!* I do gardening for a living here in upstate New York (zone 5-6).* I have a customer that is wanting me to plant a flowering tree or shrub for her.* She would like something with "delicate" flowers that doesn't get too big or too tall or too "bushy", because the space is narrow between her house and the neighbor's driveway.* We have about 10 feet to work with.

    The site faces south and gets full sun.* So this "shrub or tree" would need to be able to take the sun and the heat during the summer.* I am thinking either a Viburnum or possibly a Pee Gee Hydrangea tree.* I think she is talking "delicate" like a dogwood, but I'm not sure they could take the heat.* The house is white so it would reflect the sunlight back (and I know when I'm working in that area it gets VERY hot!).

    The othe ideas I've had (butterfly bush, lilac) have been turned down.

    If anyone can suggest something else, please let me know.* I would be most appreciative!




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    With the zone 5/6 designation and that white wall with a south facing aspect you could probably grow something for zone 7.* Here's some that come to mind.

    Acer saccharum 'Barrett Cole' aka Apollo maple.

    This tulip poplar grows about 15' wide with nice fall color.

    Here's a list of trees for limited spaces.* The crab apples will give your client the flowers and the apples, if they are the small apples they will feed the birds better.* The Red Cascade mountain ash is also a great possibility.


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