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Thread: lucky bamboo

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    Hmm my bamboo i have done some experimenting with and i had some yellow turning stocks that i just whacked off right above a joint in the stalk and they re-sprouted out the side of it. In trems of how tall these plants can get, just how tall will they grow? mine right now is in a 5"x5" pot and stands about two feet tall. But i thinks its about time to re-pot as its kinda lose to the touch and the dirts not very deep.

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    I've read that Dracaena sanderiana aka lucky bamboo aka ribbon dracaena can grow to 8', but that would take a long time.


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    Living in the tropics we have lucky bamboo growing in the yard.
    It can get to 10' in a few months if you don't watch it.

    If you don't mind cutting it, it's easy to propagate but cuttings, root in water and then plant, or just stick into a pot and wait.
    It does like a good amount of water, but I've never understood why people keep it in water as I'm sure the roots need some air too.

    If can grow back from its root system with only a tiny amount of green plant left, and it will grow roots right out of the side of the stem, not just from the leaf nodes.

    If the person who had the aloe is still reading this thread: aloes like it quite dry, you can wait until the leaves get a bit soft before you water - but don't wait too long.

    Hope this helps.

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