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Thread: Growing Ginger

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    I started growing ginger a few months ago and it sprouted very well and was doing extremely well up until a few weeks ago.* Now I notice it has all turned brown and slightly wilted.* I have not changed my watering routine and it sits in a pot in my kitchen window.* I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why my ginger is dieing?

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    Hi Karma,

    Not enough info to help you, but it sounds like the soil stayed too wet at some point.* I just did that with some basil I rooted.* I potted up the rooted cutting and it was doing great.* I watered it a couple of days ago and forgot to empty the water in the saucer.* Today I noticed the stem was black and the leaves are all wilted and there was still water in the saucer.* Even with all I know it can happen when you get distracted.* :?*


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