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    Baby corn

    Hi everyone. Newbie here. Does or can anyone help me find seed to grow baby corn. The type you find in oriental dishes or those canned LaChoy dinners (LOL). I would really love to grow some this summer for eating and pickling. Thanks for suggestions or help. :?:

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    Hi Tiko,
    I love the baby corn too! I'm cooking with it tonight in a wok dish with shrimp and other veggies. I've often thought of growing it, but alas my veggie garden is too small for corn.

    I did a search at using quotes and a plus signlike this: "baby corn" + seed and got over 4000 hits. Here's one that might be useful.

    Here's another I had on growing it.

    If you are going to mail order, check here first for references.

    Let me know when dinner is ready!

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