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    I have collected a whole jar of four o clock seeds here in SC. Do I plant them in the spring or is it okay to plant them now? I also would like to know the same for Massachusetts as I would like to send my sister some. I have read that I can plant directly in the ground rather than starting in a pot, but I just could not find info on time of year. Thanks in advance for any help. Dina :)

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    I just sprinkle the seeds where I want them to grow and press into the soil as these need light to germinate.* You can start them in pots as well.* When the temps reach 70*F they should start to germinate. These plants are considered a half hardy annual.* Basically that means the seed dropped from the year before should germinate.* I don't know your sister's hardiness zone but that would probably be the same.* Massachuttes has hardiness zones of 4 to 7.* They self seed prolifically here in zone 7.


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