I have extensive experience using both woven and non-woven bags for growing just about anything. They are ok I guess but the difficulty is anchoring them and keeping them upright in windy conditions. They have a tendency to sag due to the lak of support on the side wall. However, there is another option that seems better for most gardening where space is limited.* reinforced coir containers that are designed for limited spaces. These are ideal for trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

They have been very successful and last for years in the full sunlight. They need less water as the coir retains the moisture and nutrients in the side and bottom areas. They do not develope hot spots and insulate well.
The only caution I would add is that you must be ready for the shear volume of mature fruit these containers yield. Also, be sure to put them where you want them or place them on a flat dolly or else they may be too heavy to move when wet.