[align=left]Hi everyone- I'm new to this site and really excited to find this community, Google rocks :)*Hoping to get sound advice on replanting my husbands 30 year old cactus (there are actually 2 in the same wooden pot).* I've read a few threads with easy to follow suggestions but new to this and want to make sure I don't kill the cactii!* Some facts:*we are located in Northern California, the weather has been chilly (high 30's at night, mid 50's during the day), we don't know what type of cactus these are.* The*cactii are about 18 inches high with*stiff, semi thick*needles.* I will take a picture tomorrow and post- it is dark out now.**Some*questions: Is a clay pot the best to re-plant in?* Do I still follow the suggestions of going with a pot only 2 inches bigger than the current although these cactii haven't been*replanted in about 10 years?* Do I leave the root clump the way it is or separate when re-planting?* Is 50% sand and 50% mulch the best mix for this situation?* Appreciate your help![/align]