I am very pleased to have found this site, as I have a number of bamboo plants in my home ranging in size upto 4 feet high.*

This 4 foot plant has a straight stem and*is in a vase with another 4 foot plant with a curly stem.* My fiance has had thsi plant for over 5 years and I come in the picture two years ago and the leaves are turning yellow.

I already lost a small 4" bambo shoot after the stem and leaves turned yellow.

My smaller plants(4-5-6-7-8") are in little cubicle like vases with marbles to separate the plants and roots and are about three inches square with three plants in each cube and filled with water.* The stems go into the water about 1 inch.

The two 4 footers are in a larger vase and the bottom is about 3" in diameter with nothing but water covering about two inches of the stem.

Now with all that I have found to read on this matter I have taken the 4 foot plants out of the water, changed the water, pulled apart the roots that were intertwining with each other and took off about 8 yellowed leaves with the four larger green leaves remaining at the top of the plant!

HELP!* What do I do to further protect this plant?

By the way, AC/Heat vent was directed towards it about 5 feet*away and I think the plant has always been there but just in case that may be the cause, I redirected the air flow from the vent to keep it away from the plant.
Thank you in advance for your help!