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    LOL, the subject line pretty much covers the question I have re: recommendations for flowers I can plant, either in the ground or in pots for the deck.* I'm a newbie to outdoor flowers but am a quick learner.* I hope.**:)* I'm in southern California at 5,500 feet.** Am enjoying perusing all the forums here and other great info but haven't yet found much high-altitude discussion.* Maybe I need new glasses?*

    Thanks for any suggestions!


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    [align=left]Since your Zone 3, you may be interested in learning about Alpine Gardening.* This group of gardeners are unique breed within the gardening world.* Some learn Alpine gardening due to there Zone and others mature to Alpine gardening like a fine wine.** [/align]
    [align=left]This is a very difficult type of gardening, but one you need to*learn due to your Zone.* [/align]
    [align=left]If your considering plants for a pot, and you want them to be around for next year, I would recommend reading about Tufa gardening.[/align]
    [align=left]Hmm... lets see if I have any links... [/align]

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    Thanks, Backyard, for the great links!* It looks like I have a bit of studying to do, which is great as there's snow everywhere right now.* Looking forward to getting some color planted as my property is native forest, which is pretty in itself, but I'd love to have some native bird attractants in the sunny spots.

    "Tufa gardening"?* LOL, when I first saw that, I wondered if somebody had figured out a way to mine those tufa towers from Mono Lake and incorporate them into some kind of soil additive.** ;)

    Thanks again!


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