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    I have a hedge of waxleaf ligustrum shrubs, approximately 60-70 plants along a coral.* There are oak trees near-by, and the coral is surrounded by a pecan orchard in Texas.* The shrub planting is approximately 8-9 years old and 8 feet tall.** It has been pruned only occasionally, and watered regularly (2-3 times per week)*in the Spring and Summer, but not usually in the winter months, unless during extremely dry periods.* We observed today that there are large (1/2" diam) brown spots on many leaves all along the 100 foot lenght of the shrub.* Many leaves are turning yellow and falling.* Upon closer examination, there appears to be a scale along the stems and miniscule scale-like attachments to the underside of the leaves.* The brown spots do not appear to be alive with spores, as best we can tell.* We cannot see any visible insect activity.* Is this a disease problem or a water or nutrition*issue?* Is this enough information to identify the problem or should I attach a photo?*


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    Some links to read
    Fungi : Leaf Spots

    Leaf spots are caused by fungi or bacteria. Brown or black spots and patches may be either ragged or circular, with a water soaked or yellow-edged appearance. Insects, rain, dirty garden tools, or even people can help its spread.

    Not much help, but it may lead you to an anwser.


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    Hi Martha,

    Sounds like you may have scale insects as well as a fungal problem going on.* It sounds like you are watering too much if these are established plants.*

    Btw, these plants are considered invasives in Texas, so if this is a new planting, I would recommend you remove them and plant something that isn't invasive.

    Ligustrum also get white peach scale.

    You can use an organic horticultural oil for the scale insects called Organocide.* It's made from sesame seeds.* Don't confuse it with the synthetic Organicide.* Note the different spelling.


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