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    [align=left]I hope someone can help us save our arborvitae! We planted 5 arborvitae last spring (March) and they seemed to be doing fine. All of a sudden, their tops started drooping (about 1-2 months ago) and they are turning brown from the inside out, all over. We were so looking forward to watching them grow :?*Are they doomed?[/align]
    [align=left]Thanks for your thoughts!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.[/align]

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    [align=left]Looks like you had a harsh winter.* Was your winter colder and did the snow fall greater than normal?[/align]

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    Hi Green DC,

    You haven't responded to Backyardgardener's links so I don't know if you have found the cause of your problems.* You don't say how you've watered (we had a drought in Maryland and DC last year) and if these were b&b or potted plants.* I can't quite tell from the picture if these are in full sun or not.* Without that info it would be difficult to say what is going on. Some browning of the interior needles is common as the older needles die off.* I can't see excessive browning in your picture.

    This site might give you more insight into what might be the cause.


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