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    [align=left]I have a few gardens, one is about 20 x 40*and that is my tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans and onions. I also have a pumpkin patch, and strawberry patch.* Last year I tried to grow corn...didnt work.* I have a huge problem with weeds.* [/align]
    [align=left]I weeded every other day then it just go out of hand.* I couldnt keep up. What can I do? I was thinking about digging out the garden down to the hard clay and filling it with top soil and maybe using manure and lyme (sp), I did some research and it's saying use mulch, but every site says different types, newspaper, leaves, twigs, or use grass clippings, wood chips, etc.* I dont know what to do.* This may be a stupid question but how would the seeds grow thru mulch?* I can grow fruits and veggies just fine but need to control these weeds.* HELP![/align]

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    [align=left]Thats a large garden.* One way to beat the weeds is to do a raised garden, but it will not equal your current size.* [/align]
    [align=left]If I had this problem, I would see what the local farmers do to control weeds.* I would use a chemical, but organic is better.* Crosbow is the chemical some farmers use to control and or kill weeds.[/align]

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    I would suggest the use of a stirrup hoe at least weekly, especially in the walkways.* You can also use any of the mulch materials you mentioned.* Strawberries do best with straw as a mulch, hency the name.

    Vinegar is also an organic herbicide.


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