I am a private collector of* Camellia's in Holland.
I am searching little plants, rooted cuttings or scions* from the next Camellia's:
Can and will you help me, please??

Plant Name

1.Camellia Albino Botti

15. Camellia Countess of Belmore

2. Camellia Antonietta Colnahi

16. Camellia Elisa Miellez

3. Camellia Audiniana

17. Camellia Eugenia Parlatore

4. Camellia Bella d’Etruria

18. Camellia Feastii

5. Camellia Bella di Firenze

19. Camellia Giardino Schmitz

5. Camellia Bella di Pistoia

20. Camellia Goffredo Odero

7. Camellia Bella Romana

21* Camellia amplexicaulis

8. Camellia Belliformis********************

22***Camellia Kuro Tsubaki *************************** * *

9. Camellia Camilla Hebert

10. Camellia Carolina Franzini

11. Camellia C.H. Hovey

12. Camellia Commendator Betti

13. Camellia Conte Cavour

14. Camellia Contessa Woronzoff

I hope you have some of these Camellia's.
Thank you very much and I hope to hear soon from you again.
Warmest regards
Ton Wijnen