[align=left]My boyfriend brought me home a potted gerbera daisy plant. Yesterday it looked really good, lots of flowers, several new blooms, and lots of big green leaves. I know nothing about plants so I went to a website and did everything it said. I put a few drops of plant food on the soil, watered it (but not directly in the crown), misted the leaves alittle, and had the heat on low. Well I woke up the next day and the whole thing has wilted! The blooms look okay but the stems and leaves look pathetic. What did I do to it?? Oh, also my boyfriend mentioned he thinks the plant might be 'pot bound', I have no idea what that means, but could it have anything to do with the drastic change overnight? I live in the NW, but the weather has been decent, no snowing or freezing, actually it hasn't even been raining! The plant has been inside the house and was bought just from QFC or something. Is there any way I can fix this? And can someone please tell me what I've done wrong before I murder another innocent plant??[/align]