I know almost nothing about plants n trees,,, except that I like them a lot. :D* I just bought a place that has apple, pecan, cherry, blueberry, fig,,, a variety of oaks, pines, magnolia, holly, and a slew of who-knows-what.* I want to start caring for these plants the right way and was hoping to find a friend on a forum that can kinda guide me along whenever I have a question pop up.* Any takers?:)

My most immediate question has to do with peach and pear trees.* My birthday is coming up and I had told everyone to get me peach n pear trees if they feel they have to get me anything.* So, guess what...* The next day my girlfriend shows up with peach n pear trees. :shock:* So, I have 2 peach and 2 pear trees in bags on the porch (enclosed)*and I'm not sure where or how to plant them.* They are Elberta Peach and Cleveland Select Pear.* I'm in Northwest Georgia and the last couple of days have been nice (high in the 70's and lows in the 40's), but a few days ago it was 30 at night with plenty of frost.* I'm not entirely convinced the cold weather is gone.* Should I plant them anyway?* Is morning sun or evening sun better?* How long can I wait before planting?* How long will they live in those bags?* I hear the Cleveland Select trees stink, is that true?* How big do I have to make the holes?* Anything else I need to know?

Last year the frost killed all the fruit and what the frost didn't get, the drought finished off.* There was not one piece of fruit found on any tree last year.* (Plenty of blackberries though - I think blackberries would survive nuclear winter).* Hopefully this year will be better.