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Thread: Newbie here.

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    Check back often... I usually look forward to your posts and will probably reply with something right away. ;)

    I called the arborist again.* This time got no answer.* I think they are just too busy this time of year.

    What do you think I should do about the tree roots?* I can stop driving cars over the roots, but not lawnmowers, atv's, and walking.* There is also a big 30ft swing right over that spot and all the kids like to swing and drag their feet across the roots to stop.* Before, I was thinking of covering that area with bricks and making a brick road there, but now that I'm learning a bit about trees, I don't think the tree would like that much either.* Big chunky wood chips probably wouldn't work either because*I have to rake leaves in the fall and pollen in the spring.* Should I build a big wooden platform,,, kinda like a board walk over them?* That's a lot of work, but if it means saving the tree....

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    Hi Randy,

    I was wondering if you were ever able to get an arborist out to look at your trees and how things are going.


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    Nope, no arborist yet.* I think its been long enough that he's forgetton I even called and now maybe I can approach him from a different angle. ;)

    I think I've graduated from Newbie to a fairly knowledgeable tree person. :D* Reading my post from a couple months ago sounds like a different person talking.

    I've been doing a lot of reading online almost everynight*and asking Treeman lots of questions over at Arborday.* Now I can recognized just about any oak by looking at the leaf just like I can recognize mom.* :dude:* But I still have lots of questions and STILL have that plaguing problem of what to do with those roots sticking up.* I know continuing to drive over them is not the answer, so I need to make my mind up soon!* And another problem just popped up....* I have a 1/2 inch hole in the side of one of my big willow oaks.* Apparently from a borer.* It goes about 5 or 6 inches into the tree and I'm not sure how to handle that either.


    How are things going with you?* Have you started your roof project yet?

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    Well, I finally got the arborist to come out.* He's ISA certified and a member of the ASCA.

    I'll just brainstorm through everything I learned:

    First thing he did was look up.* He spotted every dead branch!* He didn't seem to care much about the roots.* I told him I had termites in some of the roots*and he said just get some termite stuff from the store and kill the termites.* Then he looked at all the trunks and wanted to know if I 'd ever seen any black*ants.* I asked him about a girdling root, but he said it was small and no big deal.* Its not choking off the whole tree, just the one foundation root.

    Then I asked him about a 1/2 inch*hole in the side of the tree.* I thought it was from a borer.* He said it was the cambium splitting and draining.* Just put some clorox on it and leave it be.

    His biggest concern was the dead branches.* He said they will attrack ants and cause disease further down in the tree.

    He said its ok to drive over roots.* Just not heavy equipment on a daily basis, but cars are no big deal.* And try not to hit the roots with the lawnmower. ;)

    He put me on a plan: Fertilize with 10-10-10 or 13-13-13 every spring and fall.* Put ant killing granules down every month in the summer.* Prune out dead stuff.* And tell the power company to stay off my property!!!!* They don't know the first thing about trimming trees.

    Oh, I mentioned mycorrhizae, but he didn't seem too excited by that.* Just put fertilizer down was all he wanted.* If I felt I needed to do more, then poke*4 inch holes in the ground and fill with fertilizer.

    I think that was about it....* Other than that, he said my trees looked pretty good.* No signs of die back or anything major.

    What do you think?

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    Randy, I have some concerns about your arborist's recommendations.* Fertilizing twice a year to established trees can be tricky and isn't always recommended.* I realize you don't have access to many certified arborists where you live, but the thinking today is to NOT fertilize trees unless a soil test reveals otherwise or there is an apparent problem.

    Most arborists will cringe when you talk about driving over tree roots.* My thinking is that since you have been doing this for a long time, and the trees seem to have adapted, they should be ok.

    I've not heard of using clorox on a tree, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.* From this site:

    Salt, Bleach, and Oil.
    Salt used to de-ice walkways in the winter, bleach used to clean sidewalks, and motor oil are exceedingly lethal to trees. Avoid getting these into the tree pits. Flush with water at end of winter if pit is contaminated. (To see an illustration on how to do this, please click here.


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