I have two big shrubs right in front of*my villa on both sides of my walk way to*my front door*that have many wasps and digger wasp that live in my shrubs.*I am so*scared of*wasp since I was stung almoswt*10years*ago where the dr told me if I stung again I would die..*to the point of I really hate leaving the house durring the day which sucks cause I am a single mom of a 5 year old who doesn't know fear and should have to see mommy drop the bags of food and grab her to run inside if I see a wasp comming my way.

But can someone give me any ideas of killing those shrubs without cutting them down by hand.* i can't afford to pay someone to do it.* Are their any chemicals that I can spray on them to kill them dead!!!! and then pull the roots outs I can't keep living like this and didn't relize this shrubs or bushes contained wasps and these digger wasp when I purchased the home since it was winter time.

Please Please can someone help me!!!! I wish I could should you pictures of them but I can't all I can tell you of the shrubs / bushes one is about waste heigh and I'm 5"9 with redish green leaves and the other one is all green with white flower type buds.