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    New to the forum.* Thanks for taking my question.* I have read that you can 'cut back' sedum when it grows.* My sedum clumps are just peeking out of the ground with the little 'bud-like'florettes.* I don't want to destroy these plants, but they get so large and heavy by late summer/early autumn they fall over and separate.* Do I actually cut the stems off when they begin to grow?* Thanks again for answering.*

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    Hi Mimisue,

    I find it best to either cut them down by half around July 4th or to continually pinch them until then.* You can start pinching off an inch or so when they're about 4" tall.* Whichever is easier for you.* They'll flower a little later, but will be more compact and usually have smaller but more flowers.*

    If you wait to cut them by half in July, you can then take the cut ones and make new plants.* Just let the cut ends calous over in the shade for a day.* Then insert into moist potting soil in pots.* By the time winter arrives you can either sink the pots into the soil for the winter, or plant in the ground if they have developed a good root system.


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