[align=left]Hi - I hope I am posting this in the proper section, please forgive if not...[/align]
[align=left]I purchase calla lillies in a pot (bloomed) around 2.5 months back.* They were beautiful and very healthy.* Now the blooms have closed and have started to droop.* I have been reading different things about how to take care of them and was hoping someone would be able to clarify the steps.* I have never grown anything before and so treat your response as though you are speaking with a child...[/align]
[align=left](1) I have stopped watering them because I want them to go into dormancy.[/align]
[align=left](2) Should I wait until the blooms are touching my desk before I cut them back?[/align]
[align=left](3) Should I cut them back right beneath the bloom or at the end of the stem itself?[/align]
[align=left](4) Should I tuck them away in a cool dry place with no sunlight once I've cut back all of the blooms?[/align]
[align=left]And three final Qs. Everywhere it says that they will re bloom in 2-3 months.* My question to this is how will that happen if I'm not watering them?* How will they generate...and what will the signs be when that starts to happen?* Should I fertilise at any point between now and the anticipated next bloom in 2-3 months or just leave the pot in a dry place and let it sit quietly in the same soil?[/align]
[align=left]Sorry for all of the Qs and thanks in advance :)[/align]