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    Man, after last year's devastating freeze I was praying we wouldn't have another.** Things generally were clipping right along, then WHOOPS we had a night last week when temps dipped down to 30 for an hour or two.

    I've got these holly bushes, well rooted, and they had just put out bright green, new growth.* Now the very tip - end of the growth looks like someone took a lighter to them -- black, crispy, burned looking.* Freeze got them.

    Do I HAVE to trim all these back?* Just the frozen part?* Leave them alone and let the holly do the job itself?* Advice?

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    Uh oh!* Sounds like frost bite. :shock:* * I'd say you're going to have to prune off the dead growth.* You might want to wait until all danger of a frost is past so this doesn't happen again.* Do you need a frost/freeze date site?


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