View Poll Results: Do you compost all veggies and fruits from the grocery, even if not organic?

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    I love to compost, but with all the news about chemicals and pesticides and my awareness of the water run off from our street to our yard, I am worried our compost is not as "clean" and wonderful as I think. Is it safe to compost fruits and veggies from the grocery store that are not organic? I would like to avoid any pesticides if possible!!! Thanks as always.

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    Jeve, you ask a very interesting question.* I've read this question from others and I really don't know the answer.* I'm sure some chemist or botanist would.* I would think that the process of washing the veggies that haven't been grown organically and then composting them would make them safe to eat.* The runoff from the street would give me concern due to the petroleum waste from cars.

    You could have your soil and/or compost tested for chemicals and metals.* Contact your local extension service if you are in the US.


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    I have never used grocery compost in my garden but I really like this idea. I definitely try this in my garden. Thanks.

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