My wife has an orchid that is about four years old. We don’t know anything about orchids and have a couple of questions.
The orchid is on that was bought and a Wal-mart type store and had three or four stems with white blooms. After the blooms were gone we waited to see if it would bloom again. There have been no more blossoms but there are several new plants growing on the old stems complete with roots and leaves. I know nothing of flowers but feel that the new starts could be broken off and planted in an orchid medium, is this the right thing to do?
If this is done and the original stems are cut back, will the original plant bloom again? Or is it a one shot thing?
The next question is if I replant the volunteer plants from the stem, how do you bend the roots to get them into a pot? They feel very fragile.

Thanks for any and all help.