I have a friend here in south carolina who moved up from Louisianna after the hurricane. They have a Bird of Paradise which*is a dwarf version? They have had it for several years and it was doing wonderfully until she went away fro a couple weeks and left hubby in charge. It started looking real bad. He watered it every day for I dont know how long, but TOO long. I went there yesterday after researching how to divide the plant. The pot was sitting in an overflowing saucer of water. When I got 2-3 inches down, all the dirt was mud. IT was a very delicate job to separate because the roots were so waterlogged. Alot of the roots came loose, but I was able to keep apx 4 roots per each division as instructed in the PDF file I downloaded. I separated into 3 clumps, dusted the cut with rooting hormone and repotted. The article instructed not to water for at least 3 days so the cut could heal over. My questions:

*There are some green leaves left, so it is not dead, but maybe on its way? Do you think it will survive after being so wet for so long?

Should they wait longer to water than 3 days since it was so drenched?

How often afterwards should it be watered? I told him NOT to water everyday at all.

Will all those loose roots be useful to plant after they have dried out, and will it grow into another plant?

Can I keep it outside during the summer time?

(She kept 2 cuttings and gave me 1)

Thanks for any suggestions.