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    I transplanted some tea olives from my mother's garden to my own home*when she passed this year. They were in a shade garden and are quite spindly and pathetic looking, but are now in full sun.*I would like to cut them back to promote as much lateral growth as possible and fill them out, but I'm not sure how*MUCH or even how TO cut them without killing them. They are about 6-7 years old I would guess, one being about 6 feet tall and the other two at around 4 feet tall.*I am NOT a gardener and am attempting to learn as much as possible now that I have to tend hers. Please help!!

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    My process of learning how to prune is exactly what your doing... ASK.* In review of the message board, there are several threads about pruning.* Sorry, that I don't have a quick anwser.** Review:

    Lots of great links in the above URL.

    Another process is to search the web for the botanical name and add the word prune or pruning and see what results you can acquire.


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