Hello everyone.* I'm new to this forum.* My husband an I are in our first house and are trying to develop green thumbs, but are getting pretty disheartened.* We readily seek advice, but everyone has something drastically different to say...and no one we know is anything close to an expert!

We have two Yoshino cherry trees in our front yard that are around three years old.* They didn't do great last year, but had a few blooms.* We had no blooms this year.* Pruning the trees back a bit was recomended and so we did a month or so ago.* Yesterday we noticed some leaves had gone yellow.* When we arrived home this evening they both looked pitiful!!* The leaves are all drooping, many have gone yellow and fallen off.* A few leaves have spotted and developed some holes...but these are very few and far between.

We invested in trees froms a reputable nursery here in NW Arkansas.* They have a great reputation and the plants we have bought from them are beautiful so I am sure it is something we have done wrong!* We are desprate to save these trees so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much!!!