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    I have read that Pink Pampas Grass acts like a weed and spreads throughout your yard into zones you do not want it in. However I have also read that it is a easy to manage grass.

    Does anybody have any experiance with this? I think it looks grand, but I'm working very VERY hard on trying to get my yard looking spiffy and I don't want to invest all of my time establishing the yard only to have it over run by one grass I decide to plant in one area.

    Thank you in advance,


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    As with most invasives, it's where it grows that can often determine if it's invasive.* I did a google with the term:
    pampas grass + invasive + Pennsylvania
    (I think I remember you live in Pennsylvania) and it appears to be invasive there as it has escaped cultivation.* It's a big problem in California and probably other warm climates as well if it's invasive in Pa.* This Pa site lists it.

    I think I also remember reading somewhere that once it's established it's difficult to dig out if you don't want it anymore.


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