I really want to plant! I'm 14 years old and just bought some nice potting soil mix. I haven't bought any seeds though, because they're so expensive! Can I SASE a bit of all of your seeds? I want to get some variety, and test and experience how certain plants grow differently.

Also, I have 2 questions:

I have a koi fishtank at home; I heard that Indians used to put dead fish in their gardens and it would make the soil better...

So can I put my fishwater in my plants as "water" ?

And also. Since plants need to make glucose for food during photosynthesis... would it be okay to put a glucose solution as "water" into the plant also? Wouldn't it make the plant get more "food" ? Glucose should be able to pass through the plant roots. But the plant roots have cell walls on them, so would that inhibit glucose passage? Probably not right? So why hasn't anyone tried this yet?

email me back at jeanettiepoo@hotmail.com THANKYOU!!