I have a Japonica shrub that's been grown on*successfully since the early/mid 90's in a series of containers. Every*few years*I've repotted it into a bigger container. I've noticed this last twelve months, however,*that the foliage has become sparcer. It's probably been in this container for up to five years, always well watered, but I'm wondering what to do with it next. In its pot it stands about six feet high. The ceramic pot is 14-16 inches diameter and a similar depth*and a hell of a weight with the plant. I'm wondering whether to plant it next into the earth in a new bed I could create for it instead of another, bigger container. I've never pruned the bush and its rarely been fed, perhaps once a year. Could it be that it's undernourished, pot bound or could it be that it's*coming to the end of its bushy stage of growth (it's always looked pretty healthy up until recently) and that it's going to look sparcer and* a bit leggy from now on no matter what I do with it?