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Thread: Shade Vs. Sun

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    One of the many things I have learned from Gardening and selecting plants...

    Just because a plant type perfers shade doesn't mean you can't place it somewhere that is full sun.* My Hostas and Creeping Jenny LOVE to hide underneith the taller "folks" in the garden and survive quite well in an area that gets 10 hours of sun per day!

    Nature finds a way...sometimes it just needs a hand.* Companion Planting is your friend!

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    Plant labeling supplies very general care and planting instructions. I'm guessing that*your hostas are shaded by taller plants in your gardens. Also, climate plays a part. I live in the high desert west where summers are brutally hot. Even plants labeled "full" sun literally can't stand up to the heat here. As with any other pursuit, gardneing lends itself to experimentation. if a plant flourishes where we plant it, that's great, if not, we try again. (So many plants, so little time...)

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    'Sun' and 'shade' plants may show several adaptations: Shade plants have larger ... Sun leaves are thick, with two or three layers of palisade cells. shade vs sun for tomato plants Fruit and Vegetable Gardening. How does photosynthesis differ between 'sun' and 'shade' plants or leaves? Plants are usually adapted to growth in direct sunlight or shaded conditions.

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