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    I planted yellow crookneck squash next to my cucumbers,they were growing up the same fence.My squash produced alot of squash,and my cukes produced well too,since then I tried to get rid of my squash.It was taking up way to much room,I pulled up one,and cut the other way back,my cukes were destroyed by cucumber beetles.I am replanting cukes,and when I pulled the old vines off the fence,I noticed a cucumber that looked like a squash,then this morning I noticed,I have a squash growing,but it is a dark green.Can those two vegetables cross?

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    No, they can't cross.


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    Oh yes they can cross-pollinate! My first year gardening I had planted my yellow squash right next to the cucumber trellis. We got mutant "SQUICKLES" (haha, get it? Squash + Pickle?) all summer long! Check out my blog for the rest of the story....

    The Creamer Chronicles: We call them "Squickles"

    For a really good picture of them:
    The Creamer Chronicles: Squickles Revisited


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    Last summer my cucumbers and melons cross pollinated I guess because my cukes were completely round and had a melon skin. That happened to every one on the vine. I didn't get one regular cucumber. It was so disappointing!

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