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    I have a yellow twig dogwood that went from green & leafy to bare. The leaves were chewed to pieces, remaining leaves had clumps of these ugly worm/caterpillers on the back side., at least 25 on each. They are very skiny, white with a deep black u-shaped designed running down their backs & a totally yellow belly. Size about 1-2 inches. Hairless......
    I sprayed them with liquid sevin & they stood up on one end then keeled over to the ground. They have a round brownish head at one end. When they die they curl up in a circle, look like mini tires.
    Any idea of what they are? I live in Morris Town, NJ.
    Fell on my arms as I walked by, that's how I found gross! :shock:


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    Hi Sunpearls,

    When I read, "Fell on my arms as I walked by, that's how I found gross!", it gave me shivers.* There are thousands of caterpillars that become moths or butterflies.* I've looked at so many that I fear I will dream about them tonight!* :shock:* Too bad you didn't take any pictures.* :(

    Here's a couple of unidentified moth caterpillars I found that closely resemble what you found.* These first two are different views of the same species.

    Euppthecia species


    More possibilities:
    Catalpa worm has a light and dark version.

    White flannel moth

    Dogwood sawfly also comes to mind.* The larvae (caterpillars) change color as they age.

    This gallery is of unidentified moth caterpillars if you'd like to look.

    Named moth caterpillars

    Butterfly caterpillars

    Two pages of smooth caterpillars to look at here.

    If none of those fit I can get you more sites to look through.* It probably doesn't matter much as you've already used Sevin which should kill just about any insect, good or bad.* :(


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