[align=left]I have an arbor in front of my house which currently has climbing roses on it. They've never done very well so I was going to tear them out and plant a trumpet vine. A twofold reason for this...to cover my arbor and to make my hummers happy (I have two that I know of). However, a friend advised against doing this, saying that the trumpet vine would soon take over my garden beds and be a living hell to get rid of. Is she right about this?[/align]

[align=left]I also thought about honeysuckle for the same reasons but have also heard the same horror stories about this plant as well. Am I asking for trouble by wanting to cover my arbor and make my hummers happy? If so, can anyone suggest any alternatives?[/align]

[align=left]I live in South Central PA zone 6b.* I will also be posting this on the vines forum.[/align]